Local Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup - Local cloud backup Service Cochrane Alberta

Is your computer backed up daily? Do you have important files or family memories you don’t want to loose? Join our backup and be assured your files are backed up to our PRIVATE, LOCAL servers daily. Starting at only $5/month, paid yearly ($60), your computer is backed up daily to our servers. This is a true backup, not a sync like Google Drive and OneDrive.

If you delete a file from your computer with Google or OneDrive, it is also deleted from their cloud backup when it sync’s. Our backup does not sync. If you remove a file from your computer, as long as the daily backup has run, your files are still on our servers.

We do not access, scan, or read any data. It is 100% private with us. We will never sell any personal information you share with us.

Local Backup Solutions

If you are not comfortable having your files in “The Cloud”, we also offer several backup solutions for you to keep your computer backed up at home. From USB drives and external hard drives, to private, local file servers, Cochrane Computers can help keep your data safe.